Helmuth Hubener – Moral Dilemma

Helmuth Hubener - Moral DilemmasThe stakes can become high when we are faced with a moral dilemma, to do morally or to morally “not to do” in the face of unbending circumstances. The odd time, the answer seems clear, but many times the answer is not so clear and we suffer confusion, doubt and even fear. I am sure that Helmuth Hubener felt that way when he chose to act against the propaganda of the Nazi government by distributing fliers and pamphlets to spur people’s hearts and minds to question the teachings and claims by the Nazi’s.

A while ago I wrote an article about Helmuth Hubener and it drew the attention of a journalist, Kelly Boyce, who wanted to write her own article about him. When she finished her article, I read it, entitled, “The Resistance Fighter Was a Mormon: 70 Years after a German Teenager’s Execution, The Debate Continues Over Obedience vs. Conscience“. The article spurred further thought about the moral dilemma that Helmuth faced. With some reflection, I believe that Helmuth had to face his moral dilemma and did so by taking action while others took a less active stance.

What was the moral dilemma?

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HELMUTH HÜBENER – Was he disobedient or was he a Hero?

LDS Hero - World War II?

In the past while, I came to have an interest to research some of this Church’s history in Germany during World War II, under the Nazi rule of Hitler. This is because a comment was made to me that the members of the Church in Germany were obedient to the government of that time, a comment made in an attempt to illustrate the “order of the Church”.

This comment struck an interest in me to find out as much as I can, the state of affairs in Nazi Germany, to see if any dilemma existed between obedience to the local government and laws and the doctrines of God. I found a good example.

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